An ongoing documentation of unfinished houses in the rural countryside of Poland as part of research

into the notion of modern Belonging in relation to Place and its fictional, contradicting, and abstract embodiments. 

Starting from the question what is Home today? This research investigates the current influences that have affected

the relation between home as a notion and a physical space: from commodification of the image of permanent

home (Ikea), and the feeling of Home (airbnb), to the temporality and precarity of a growing population of

migrating individuals. Looking closer at the case of Polish labour migrants, millions of which remain in the space

between longing for home as a symbolic place of belonging, and their transient realities, materializing in self-built

architectures that are both familiar in language but unheimlich in experience. Within the impermanence

characterizing “Liquid Modernity”, how do we define ourselves and engage with a sense of meaning? How can our

built environments reflect on this? And further how can designers redefine their role in shaping these environments?